It's All About Colour

What better way to start a blog with one of my most favourite subjects, colour. I love colour, I always have. From a young age I have been drawn to the colour red. Everyone who knows me, knows that this is still true today. Sometimes I have to have a word with myself 'Do you really like that or is it just because it's red?'. 

I've set myself a challenge of posting an inspirational pattern or print that is associated with a monthly colour. So, I have decided that the month of April = yellow (Why yellow, you ask? Well that's another blog post, right there). I will be posting patterns and prints throughout the month that are mostly yellow. What better pattern to start the month off with, Singin' In The Rain. This is an Organic Cotton Laminate by Cloud9, discovered on-line from the lovely fabric and haberdashery shop Ray-Stitch 

Singin' In The Rain

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