Why choose cork as a material for LucasLoves Coasters and Placemats?

I am always on the lookout for sustainable materials; materials that have little or no harm on our environment. I wanted a natural base to screen print onto, so I started looking at wood, recycled materials and cork. Cork stood out to me as a clear option for creating coasters and placemats.

Reasons being:-

It is a natural material

I had no idea where cork came from, it comes from cork trees, of course. No trees are cut down when harvesting cork as the ‘good stuff’ is contained within the trunk of the tree. The bark is peeled away and the cork is then carefully extracted to ensure there is no damage to the tree itself.

Cork is renewable

Cork naturally renews itself; how great is that?! After a period of time, the cork within the trunk of the tree will grow back. It’s renewable, I love that.


If you should ever need to dispose of your coasters or placemats (I mean, I’m not sure why you would) you can be sure that they will biodegrade naturally and not take up any space in landfill.

Heat resistant

A coaster or placemat that does its job; protecting your favourite table or desk from heat stains.