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Lucienne Day

I am not easily impressed. I'm not impressed by 'things' or money but oh boy, when it comes to the pattern designs created by Lucienne Day, I am blown away. This may sound a bit odd to some of you but my heart literally skips a beat when I see her work. So imagine my excitement when I got to see some of her fabrics and ceramics 'in the flesh' at the beautifully designed Whitworth Gallery in Manchester. The Whitworth is one of many places around the country that is showcasing her work this year, in celebration of...

It's All About Colour

What better way to start a blog with one of my most favourite subjects, colour. I love colour, I always have. From a young age I have been drawn to the colour red. Everyone who knows me, knows that this is still true today. Sometimes I have to have a word with myself 'Do you really like that or is it just because it's red?'. 

I've set myself a challenge of posting an inspirational pattern or print that is associated with a monthly colour. So, I have decided that the month of April = yellow (Why yellow, you ask? Well...