Owning Colour

I didn't realise there were other people in the world that loved colour just as much as me. After listening to the series, Owning Colour on BBC Radio 4, I now understand that there are people in the world that love colour just maybe a little bit more than me. 

Wayne Hemingway does a great job of presenting this concept of 'owning colour'. As I've mentioned before, red is 'my' colour. I have so many red items in my life that I treasure. The most favourite being my classic mini, Delilah. Unfortunately, she's not with me anymore which makes me sad but I love looking at photos of her.

steering wheel classic mini red diceclassic mini red stripesinterior classic mini red trim

Whenever I was driving her I would feel a sense of joy in my heart. If Delilah had been blue, I can honestly say that I wouldn't have felt the same attachment and joy. I thought I was on my own with this, so it was a surprise to listen to other people feeling the same way about colour as I do.

I've put the link here for the series (the episodes are only 15 minutes long) and hopefully by the time you are reading this, it will still be available on iPlayer. 


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